3 steps to overcome depression naturally

I truly believe that you need to address poor mental health from as many angles as possible. And that's why I've designed my 3 steps to help you overcome depression naturally.
3 steps to overcome depression

I was able to get out of depression not by doing just one thing. It was a whole series of changes that I made in lots of different areas of my life. My 3 steps to overcome depression are very much rooted in that holistic and rounded approach to mental health. 

As I always tell my clients, it’s not one thing that led to you feeling depressed. It’s likely that there were many things all coming together that made the bucket overspill. 

Likewise, when you’re trying to figure out a way back to better health and happiness, you need to take that multi-angle approach as well. 

my 3 steps to overcome depression

So what does this multi-step approach look like in practice?

Assess the causes

Look at the factors that have led to you feeling depressed. That includes life events, perhaps your family history, the way you’ve been living, but also possible physical root causes of poor mental health. Look at all the symptoms you experience, both mental and physical, and see if there’s a connection.

In essence, this step is all about connecting the dots and seeing the wider picture of your health. 

In practice, I use functional testing through independent laboratories to help get to the root of your symptoms – from a physical perspective that is. Sure it’s an investment, but it’s worth it. 

With so much research now confirming the link between your mental health and your gut health for example, it’s just important to look at your physical health and testing helps us do that.

But saying all of that, we don’t want to get stuck at this point. Analysing what might has you feel this way is very helpful and valuable, but we don’t want to get stuck in this phase. 

We want to avoid analysis paralysis, and instead use the knowledge we’ve gained to make a plan forward. 

Sometimes that might be a gut healing programme, other times perhaps focusing on certain nutrients that came out as deficient. Perhaps your energy production needs some support. This step is about addressing your individual root causes.

Support the brain

You’ve looked at might be contributing to your symptoms of depression. Now it’s time to use that knowledge and to take action – one step at a time. 

This step is all about supporting your brain and overall physical health through the main lifestyle pillars: 

Nutrition. Movement. Relaxation. Sleep.

Every one of these pillars contributes endlessly to your level of wellbeing. If you’re just starting out on your journey towards better health, then it might be a good idea to start with the one that will lead to the quickest positive change. 

Which one do you think might that be for you? And how can you make a positive improvement? And how can you then stick to that new behaviour or the new change?

Nurture the mind

You’ve addressed the root causes and put in a plan of action. You’re beginning to make real lifestyle adjustments to support your mental (and physical) health. 

This third step is all about nurturing the mind. 

How do you deal with those constant negative thoughts that are keeping you stuck? And how do you deal with the difficult emotions that these thoughts often bring with them? 

This step is also where we draw on the research findings from positive psychology. Are you spending time out in nature? Do you feel like you belong to a tribe of people? Do you have a goal to work towards to? Are you practising acts of kindness or perhaps gratitude? Would you like to learn strategies for coping, for forgiveness or for how to avoid overthinking and social comparison? 

This step is very much down to what you need and want in order to move to greater happiness. 

All in all, my 3 steps to overcome depression are truly about addressing what you need in order to feel and be well. It’s often about making small changes, but doing so in various aspects of your life and health. All together, these changes can then make an enormous difference to your health.

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Your own answers will hopefully offer you some valuable insights about your depression and your way out. After all, your own discoveries are the ones that matter the most.

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