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Do you want to learn more about my holistic & evidence-based approach to overcoming depression? 
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  • Sunday May 8th, 8pm UK time

A holistic approach to overcoming depression

In this free webinar I will teach you:

  • The many potential root causes of depression
  • Why the body, mind & soul all need to be addressed
  • How to get better

A holistic approach to depression must incorporate body, mind and soul. Join the free webinar to learn more!

About me

I’m Claudia Smith and I help others to overcome depression and to live life fully.¬†

My qualifications?

  • Diploma and now MSc in Nutritional Therapy, currently completing my dissertation in Integrative Approaches to Depression¬†
  • Applied Functional Medicine Training
  • Coaching Qualification in Positive Psychology Coaching
  • Level 3 Counselling¬†
  • My own experience of overcoming 2 dark years of depression
a holistic approach to overcoming depression