About me

About me

Hello, I'm Claudia Smith

Qualified nutritionist & positive psychology coach specialising in mental health

Hi, I'm Claudia Smith

Qualified nutritionist & positive psychology coach
-Here to help women improve their mood and mental health naturally

Mental health has always fascinated me, but it wasn’t until I was suffering from depression myself that I got to understand how extremely painful and terrifying poor mental health can be. 

I was in my early twenties – a time when you’re supposed to feel on top of the world, ready to take on any challenges that come your way. Having fun, taking things easy. And I did have a great time but then slowly I noticed myself drifting into depression.

Right in the middle of my two years of suffering my experience was a very painful one: I was feeling empty and alone, far beyond sad. I felt like I was locked inside a cage with no key and unable to enjoy things I once loved doing. Always feeling worse on sunny days when surely everyone but me was having a great time. I was extremely tired, my chronic eczema got so much worse and my hip started to hurt very badly, too. Each time I looked in the mirror I couldn’t recognise myself anymore: where was I? And being depressed, I didn’t think I’d ever get better again. 

What got me out of this hole wasn't talk therapy or antidepressants, but instead a radical change in diet, new lifestyle choices, natural remedies and a real mindset shift.

I still remember the moment when I discovered a book on healing with nutrition in my husband’s bookshelf. A big lightbulb went off: I wasn’t suffering because I had faulty genes, because I was weak or because I was unlucky or destined to do so.

I discovered that it was my poor diet, lack of exercise and self-care, my limiting beliefs about myself, and my lacking resilience and compassion that all contributed to my depression. 

So in the months that followed, I radically changed what I ate, started running, really delved into mindfulness and worked on my thought patterns. I built new friendships, changed jobs and tried out new hobbies.

I stopped feeling so low and gradually started to enjoy life again. I returned to my former self – if not stronger than ever before! The colour in my life had returned.

It’s been 6 years now and I haven’t suffered from depression since, nor do I feel like it’s lurking in the background. Am I always 100% happy? Of course not, no one ever is. But you and I know the difference between a blue day or two, and full-blown depression.

Now a trained nutritionist and positive psychology coach, I help other women improve their mood and mental health too. My approach is very much holistic and action-oriented, and I combine functional medicine, lifestyle therapy and solution-focused coaching in my work. 

I am very passionate about lifelong learning and continuously deepen my knowledge and understanding through lectures, conferences and courses.

"Every woman with depression should know about this programme."

Jo - one of my previous clients

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My qualifications

I spent three years studying for my diploma in Nutritional Therapy and as a registered practitioner I am constantly updating my knowledge through conferences, online seminars and relevant reading. 

I have studied for the certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching with the brilliant Wholebeing Institute. It was a nine month long and highly interactive programme that put the science behind human flourishing and happiness front and centre.
A lot of “coaches” out there have never done any formal training, and I’m really pleased that I have. The benefit to my professional work has been enormous!

I am deepening my knowledge in functional medicine, and am studying under highly experienced UK-based practitioners within their Applied Functional Medicine Mentorship Programme. 
To find out what functional medicine is and in how far it can help with depression, read my post here.

Other things about me

  • Born and raised in Germany
  • Mum to one lovely girl
  • Wife to an organic veg grower
  • At home on a tiny island, Isles of Scilly, UK
Nutritionist depression coach

I wish I could take the colours from a rainbow and place them into your heart so you would remember what beautiful feels like and know there is hope in the dark.

Christy Ann Martine