My Story

My story


I'm Claudia Smith

Qualified nutritionist & positive psychology coach specialising in mental health

Hi, I'm Claudia Smith

Nutritionist depression

Qualified nutritionist & positive psychology coach

Here to help women overcome depression naturally

Mental health has always fascinated me, but it wasn’t until I was suffering from depression myself that I got to understand how extremely painful and terrifying depression can be. 

I was in my early twenties – a time you’re supposed to feel on top of the world, ready to take on any challenges that come your way. Having fun, taking things easy. And I did have a great time but then slowly I noticed myself drifting into depression.

Right in the middle of my two years of suffering my experience was a very painful one: I was feeling empty and alone, far beyond sad. I felt like I was locked inside a cage with no key and unable to enjoy things I once loved doing. Always feeling worse on sunny days when surely everyone but me was having a great time. I was extremely tired, my chronic eczema got so much worse and my hip started to hurt very badly, too. Each time I looked in the mirror I couldn’t recognise myself anymore: where was I? And being depressed, I didn’t think I’d ever get better again. 

What got me out of it wasn't talk therapy or antidepressants but instead a radical change in diet, new lifestyle choices, natural remedies and a real mindset shift.

I still remember the moment when I discovered a book on healing with nutrition in my husband’s bookshelf. A big lightbulb went off: I wasn’t suffering because I had faulty genes, because I was weak or because I was unlucky or destined to do so.

I discovered that it was my poor diet, lack of exercise and self-care, my limiting beliefs about myself, and my lacking resilience and compassion that all contributed to my depression. 

So in the months that followed, I radically changed what I ate, started running, really delved into mindfulness and worked on my thought patterns. I built new friendships, changed jobs and tried out new hobbies.

I stopped feeling so low and instead started to enjoy life again and returned to my former self – if not stronger than ever before! 

It’s been 5 years now and I haven’t suffered from depression since, nor do I feel like it’s lurking in the background. Am I always 100% happy? Of course not, no one ever is. But you and I know the difference between a blue day or two, and full-blown depression.

If I was able to get better than so can you!

If I was able to get better, than so can you!

There is hope.

Now trained as a nutritionist and positive psychology coach, I help other women overcome depression too. 

If you would like to know more about my programme “Back to Light and Laughter”, then just click here.

Or feel free to arrange a free thirty minute phone call with me here.

"Every woman with depression should know about this programme."

Jo - one of my previous clients
Nutritionist depression

My qualifications

I spent three years studying for my diploma in Nutritional Therapy and as a registered practitioner I am constantly updating my knowledge through conferences, online seminars and relevant reading. 

I am currently finishing my certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching with the brilliant Wholebeing Institute. It’s a nine month long programme that focuses on coaching people to lead happy and fulfilled lives – all rooted in research. 

nutritionist depression
nutritionist depression
nutritionist depression

I wish I could take the colours from a rainbow and place them into your heart so you would remember what beautiful feels like and know there is hope in the dark.

Christy Ann Martine
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