Why alcohol addiction ruins your mental health & how to beat it with Lindsey Beveridge

Lindsey Beveridge

Interview with Lindsey Beveridge on alcohol addiction and mental health

In this episode I got the chance to talk to Lindsey Beveridge, a UK based nutritional therapist specialising in menopause, perimenopause and substance addiction. 

We talk about her own battle with alcohol addiction and with mental health struggles, and in how far alcohol can really ruin both your physical and your mental health.  She shares her thoughts on using nutritional therapy to support addiction recovery and how she approaches addiction in her work with clients.

A very honest conversation about what still is very much a taboo issue. Particularly useful if you feel you’ve become too dependant on alcohol. Or indeed if you are interested to learn just in how far alcohol affects the body.

More on Lindsey’s workshop  on becoming alcohol-free:


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