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Calm & Well


Calm & Well
3 months to a
healthier, happier you

Are you struggling with your mental health?

Feeling low and depressed, perhaps struggling with anxiety too?

Constantly tired and your physical health isn't great either?

Fed up of feeling like this and ready to start making changes?

And you're looking for a holistic, natural and yet science-backed approach?

Calm & Well

Calm & Well is a 3 month live online group programme - an immersive journey to a healthier and happier you. It will give you the tools you need to really understand your mental health struggles from a mind-body perspective and how to overcome them once and for all. It's grounded in nutrition and lifestyle therapy, holistic remedies and positive psychology.

In Calm & Well you'll get

  • Clarity around what’s causing you to feel depressed and anxious
  • The real opportunity to overcome your mental health struggles now
  • The chance to improve all sorts of physical health issues too
  • Structure and guidance from a trained professional who’s been on this journey herself
  • Accountability and group support from like-minded women who are struggling with similar issues

In Calm & Well you'll get

Kind words from past clients

Calm & Well

I’ve had many therapies over my life to try and control symptoms of depression with limited success. Finding Claudia was a godsend because she truly combines mind and body. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made in my health as working with Claudia has given me more effective tools to keep my depression symptoms at bay. 


Calm & Well

Working with Claudia has changed my life for the better in many ways. I have taken up new challenges, grown in self-confidence as well as learnt how my gut affects my mood.  Claudia brings so much positivity to life and really made me feel that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.


Limited to 10 people

£150 per month (for 3 months)

Or pay £450 in full

I am currently running this course

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Calm & Well is for you if

... but it's not for you if

More kind words from past clients

Calm & Well

I can’t find the words to express how glad I am to have stumbled upon Claudia’s work and to have had the courage to start this journey. Her approach is very genuine and practical, and above else I have always felt understood, supported and valued. When I look back at my progress since signing up to Claudia’s programme, I can clearly see how much working together has helped me become who I am now and shaped who I want to be in the future.


calm & Well

Before working with Claudia I felt at a loss. My diet/lifestyle seemed good and yet there were a few problems I was having which didn’t seem to make sense. Having previously been dismissed by my GP it was such a relief when Claudia was able to give me some answers and then direct me on what I could do. That knowledge alone has given me so much uplift, I now feel I have the tools and support to be able to take control of my health again.


How it will work

12 live weekly webinars

We will meet once a week for a 1-2h live webinar where I will be teaching you about a wide range of tools to improve your mood naturally. See below for topics.

Guest experts

3 of our webinars will be led by guest experts: Ali Pember, a self-compassion coach and counsellor, and solution-focused hypnotherapist Holly Robbins. Plus Sarah Hunter, a Breathwork practitioner, meditation teacher and coach. See below for more info.

Printed workbooks

I will send you a printed journal to your home for your webinar notes, gratitude and what-went-well practice, plus the printed version of my self-worth and confidence book.

Membership site

In our membership site (not Facebook) you can ask me questions, take part in my thought prompts and chat to me and the others about your experiences.

3 group challenges

Each month we will focus on taking action on a specific goal: Reducing sugar, moving our bodies & establishing better morning routines.

Lots of resources

Throughout the course I will send you handouts on what we’ve covered, my recipe e-books, guided meditations and worksheets. 

I am currently running this course

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What will the webinars teach you about?

We will meet once a week for 1-2 hours via Zoom. I will be teaching you about:

  • Why blood sugar balancing is crucial for good mental health and how to do it
  • The right nutrition for your brain
  • How to improve your digestion and gut health (and why those matter for your mental health)
  • A holistic approach to happier hormones
  • Inflammation 101: What is has to do with your mental health and how to avoid excess levels
  • Detoxification for both body and mind 
  • Strategies to calm your mind and better handle difficult thoughts and feelings
  • Lessons from Positive Psychology research on happiness & the good life
  • Wrapping it all up

I will be the only one on camera during our webinars, and there will be time for a Q&A at the end of each session via the chat.

Three of our webinars will be led by our guest experts Ali Pember, Holly Robbins and Sarah Hunter. Holly is a hypnotherapist and holds a MSc in Neuropsychology – she will be providing us with a manual for the brain. Ali Pember is a counsellor and self-compassion coach and will share her tips and wisdom on negative self-talk and how to be kinder towards ourselves. And Sarah Hunter is a Breathwork practitioner, meditation teacher and coach and we will be teaching us about the power of the breath – a very practical class.

Hello, I'm Claudia Smith

I'm Claudia Smith

Calm & Well

I am a UK based nutritional therapist, functional medicine practitioner and certified coach. 

With Calm & Well I invite you onto a journey towards a healthier and happier you. Learn why you have been feeling so low and more importantly how to achieve good mental health in a natural and sustainable way.

It’s time to join the dots between your physical health and your mental health. Good mental health relies on good brain health, and this course will teach you how to achieve exactly that.

This programme is based on my 1:1 clinical work, but at a fraction of the cost. And it’s also very much the kind of service that I wish I could have accessed back when I was struggling with depression, fatigue and a whole range of physical symptoms myself.

There is no area of our lives that isn’t affected by our mental health, so just imagine your potential when you finally feel well again. I’ve seen this transformation for myself, and it’s what I want to help you feel, too. 

I am currently running this course

Sign up to the waiting list

and you'll be the first to hear when it reopens!

Here's why you're getting a great deal at £450

  • My normal hourly rate works out at £150 and you will be getting at the very minimum 12 live hours of my time during the webinars
  • The additional guest expert sessions are worth £200
  • The printed workbook and journal are worth £40
  • PLUS the guided meditations, handouts and recipe books, worth £40
  • And the online group forum for access to me for your questions & accountability plus group support (which can’t be priced!)

This is worth at least £2,800 and you get it for £450

All the practical bits

Calm and Well starts the week beginning Monday, 18th January 2021.

Our live weekly webinars will be on Tuesday mornings at 10am (GMT).

You won't be on camera so can remain anonymous if you wish.

Webinars will be recorded and uploaded each week.

We will finish with our last webinar on Thursday, 1st April 2020 (just before the Easter holidays).

Calm & Well is only open to 10 people.

Calm & Well

Frequently asked questions

Yes, absolutely. The webinars will be recorded and uploaded into our membership site. You can still ask questions or share your thoughts in our online forum too. 

I completely understand! The best way to find out is to have a quick chat via Zoom – that way you can ask any questions or tell me a bit more about you and your goals. Just send me an email and I will set it up for you (no pressure to book afterwards!). 

Send your email to: 

I do not offer refunds so please make sure you’ve read everything before committing. 

It differs greatly!

My one-to-one consultation packages are for people who’d like a tailored approach to improving their mental health. We often run lab tests to help uncover root causes of symptoms too. Plus, I don’t hold webinars but we have video consultations via Zoom.

In contrast, with Calm & Well we follow a particular structure and I will teach you about all the things I believe you need to know to improve your mental health naturally. You have the group element and guest expert sessions but without any private consultations between just me and you. Lab tests are not a part of Calm & Well.

Yes there are! You can pay via 3 monthly instalments. 

You can simply watch the recording afterwards and still post any questions that you have in our membership forum.

Great question!

I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist here in the UK. I hold a diploma in Nutritional Therapy and am fully insured to work with clients. I am also currently upgrading my knowledge with a MSc degree in Nutritional Therapy at Worcester University. Plus, I’ve completed a 6 month training in Applied Functional Medicine early in 2020. 

I also hold a coaching qualification from the Wholebeing Institute in Positive Psychology Coaching. 

On top of that, I’ve got my own experience of suffering from major depression in my early twenties. As such, my personal experience and therefore understanding is something that all of my clients appreciate.

In short, no. I don’t advocate any particular diets but rather teach you about good brain health nutrition. I do recommend a low sugar diet and advise you to avoid any food sensitivities you might have, which is often around gluten and dairy. 

No, you can live anywhere in the world to join Calm & Well. Just make sure that the time of our weekly Zoom calls works for you (or watch the recordings). And please note that delivery of my printed course journal and confidence workbook may take a while longer if you live outside the UK.

No, come as you are! I am here to teach you, and won’t be expecting any prior knowledge in nutrition, lifestyle or anything health related. 

Calm & Well

There is nothing in your life that isn't impacted by your mental health: your happiness, goals, future, physical health, relationships, work, success, fulfilment... It affects everything.

But what you can do is this:
Learn why you've not been feeling great.
Learn how to get better.
And then do exactly that.