Why depression is caused by more than just imbalanced neurotransmitters

Do you believe that you are struggling with depression because of an imbalance of neurotransmitters? Or because there's something wrong with your character? Well, these approaches aren't just not doing it - there are multiple possible root causes of depression. Read the post to find out what they might be!
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First things first: Depression is not just down to imbalanced neurotransmitters. Pharmaceutical companies have massively profited from this widespread belief, and yes – antidepressant medication can really be life-saving. But there is just so much more to your mental health than the neurotransmitter signalling in your brain. 

If I had stopped exploring other root causes and stuck with the belief that my depression was caused by skewed neurotransmitter levels – who knows, I might still be depressed 7 years later!

Depression is often caused by multiple factors:

Just click through these images to find out more about the common root causes of depression that a lot of conventional medicine neglects. 

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I’m Claudia Smith, a qualified nutritional therapist, functional medicine practitioner and coach specialising in depression. This is where I share my thoughts and advice on natural and holistic approaches to overcoming depression.

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