Ep 17: PMS & Mood: Holistic approaches for premenstrual depression and anxiety

pms mood holistic

If you struggle with low mood before your period then this episode is for you. Or perhaps you notice a lot of anxiety before your period and you just can’t calm down those racing thoughts and switch your mind off. And maybe you get really irritable and angry in the lead up to your period…

Mood changes before your period are common and yet for some women are felt very deeply and make life really hard. 

In this episode I delve into all things period: What actually happens during your cycle, what is PMS, what is PMDD, why do some women get it – and of course most importantly: What to do about it. I talk you through some of the holistic treatments I use in my work with my clients.


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I’m Claudia Smith and I help women get to better mental health naturally. Having overcome depression once myself, I am now a qualified nutritionist and positive psychology coach.

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