Depression, anxiety & the incredible link to blood sugar imbalances

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Depression, anxiety and your blood sugar regulation

If you are struggling with symptoms of depression and/or anxiety and you haven’t yet heard about blood sugar regulation, then please listen to this episode. Looking at the sugar in your diet and finding ways to better balance your blood sugar levels is just so incredibly important for your mood and mental health. There hasn’t been a single client of mine who hasn’t benefited from this approach!

Within this episode I explain what blood sugar balance actually is, and I give you my 6 related top tips so that you can start improving your mood and mental health naturally, on your own, and right away. 

No transcript available to this episode I’m afraid. It is however one of my most popular episodes so do take out the 20 minutes to listen to it, either here or within your podcast app on your phone.

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I’m Claudia Smith, a qualified nutritional therapist, functional medicine practitioner and coach specialising in depression. This is where I share my thoughts and advice on natural and holistic approaches to overcoming depression.

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