Mental health nutrition – Why food really matters for your brain and mood

mental health nutrition

Mental health nutrition (podcast episode only)

Does food really make a difference to your mood and mental health? Oh yes! And in fact, it’s about so much more than simply being deficient in a particular nutrient or two. 

In this episode I connect the dots between nutrition and the various physical contributors that are linked to mental health conditions such as depression.

Nutritional psychiatry is gaining popularity fast now, both in research and people’s lives, as more and more of us are realising just how much nutrition influences our mood and mental health.

So if you want to learn more about how dietary changes can help you to feel better mentally, then this episode is for you.

“You can actually change your brain by informed choices about the foods that you eat. Eating food is something that we all have to do anyway, but you can choose between a diet that is good for your brain, and a diet that simply isn’t.” 

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I’m Claudia Smith, a qualified nutritional therapist, functional medicine practitioner and coach specialising in depression. This is where I share my thoughts and advice on natural and holistic approaches to overcoming depression.

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