Ben Aldridge Interview- Overcoming anxiety and challenging yourself

Ben Aldridge Podcast

A super valuable episode for anyone struggling with anxiety! I had the pleasure to interview UK writer Ben Aldridge, who writes about mental health, stoicism, buddhism, psychology and CBT.

In this interview he shares his own journey around anxiety and how studying different life philosophies and setting himself challenges made an enormous difference to his mental health.

Lots of practical advice in this episode and plenty of inspirational thoughts too!

About author Ben Aldridge

Ben Aldridge writes about practical philosophy, comfort zones, mental health and adventure. His first book How to Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable: 43 Weird & Wonderful Ways to Build a Strong Resilient Mindset is an exploration of unique ways to leave your comfort zones, face your fears and overcome your anxieties. 

Heavily influenced by Stoicism, Buddhism, Popular Psychology and CBT, Ben’s challenges encourage you to get uncomfortable and experience the personal growth that we can only gain from pushing ourselves to the limit. 

Discover more at Ben’s website and on social media: 
Instagram: @dothingsthatchallengeyou

Twitter: @iambenaldridge

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