7 great mental health podcasts that inspire, educate & help you feel better

Here's a list of 7 wonderful podcasts that focus on mental health. Learn, feel inspired, feel encouraged and relax. A real mix!
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“Podcasts have changed my life” – not long ago I heard a friend tell me this. Yes, same here. I just love how you can go for a walk and listen to a podcast. You can learn, feel inspired, feel connected to other people, be entertained, feel relaxed… and more. All through podcasts! And there are so many people that share their knowledge and time so generously! So here are 7 treasured podcasts for you that are great if you’re looking to improve your mental health.

7 great mental health podcasts

Heart Wisdom with Jack Kornfield

Jack Kornfield is a well-known Buddhist teacher in the Western World and I can’t tell you how much wisdom I have gained over the years from his guided meditations, talks and books. And I know others who have done so too.

You definitely don’t need to follow Buddhism to enjoy his podcast and get a lot out of it. Whether it’s how to remain calm during a crisis, feel more compassion towards others and yourself or how to address suffering in your own life. 

Listen to the Heart Wisdom Podcast by Jack Kornfield here. 

Ten Percent Happier

Ten Percent Happier is a fantastic podcast featuring the most amazing meditation teachers this world has to offer! Plus scientists, celebrities and health experts on training the mind and all things mental health. 

It’s hosted by Dan Harris, an American TV presenter who turned towards meditation after having a panic attack on national television. 

Listen to Ten Percent Happier here. 

Practicing Human with Cory Muscara

Cory Muscara’s podcast is wonderfully soothing with lots of short episodes to help you calm your mind and find more peace throughout the day. 

He’s a mindfulness and positive psychology teacher, speaker and author of the book “Stop missing your life”. 

I love listening to his episodes if I feel overwhelmed or stressed! 

Listen to Practicing Human with Cory Muscara here. 

Broken Brain

The Broken Brain Podcast is hosted by Dhru Purohit (and Dr Mark Hyman) and has a very varied range of interviews with experts on brain health, mental health, lifestyle changes, functional medicine and more.

Well worth a listen as there are fantastic guest experts! Listen to the Broken Brain Podcast here. 


Being Well with Rick Hanson

Rick Hanson is my top favourite psychologist. He’s also an author, meditation teacher and just a wonderfully wise and kind human being. His podcast Being Well is co-hosted by his own son Forest Hanson and together they talk about things that are truly moving, inspiring and comforting. 

This is a podcast I recommend to my clients over and over again.

Listen to Being Well by Rick Hanson here. 

Feel Better. Live More with Dr Chatterjee

I doubt anyone who’s into podcasts hasn’t heard about Dr Chatterjee’s podcast yet, but just in case you haven’t.

Dr Chatterjee is a UK based lifestyle medicine doctor and has the most fantastic guest experts on his show. A lot of his interviews focus on mental health. They offer refreshing new perspectives and how to get better!

Listen to Feel Better. Live More. here. 


... and my own: The Better Mental Health Podcast


And if you haven’t yet listened to one of my own podcast episodes, then go ahead and choose an episode. 

I have recorded solo episodes delving into mental health nutrition, functional medicine approaches to depression and anxiety, and more. Plus guest interviews with therapists, writers and fellow practitioners. I am loving hosting the show and I hope you like the outcome!

The feedback I keep on getting is how soothing my episodes are so have a listen to The Better Mental Health Podcast here

There are of course many more wonderful podcasts that focus on mental health. Let me know which ones you like listening to! 

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