It's time to get better

With my 1:1 Holistic Mental Health Programme

It's time to get better
With my 1:1 holistic mental health programme

You are battling low mood, the days just drag on and all you want to do is go to bed. Your own mind feels like an enemy.

You've had enough of suffering and not feeling like yourself.

You want to understand why your mental health has been so poor.

You want to feel vibrant and alive again, and perhaps your physical health needs attention, too.

And you want to achieve that through a holistic, natural and yet evidence-based approach.

Here is what we will do together over 4 months

mental health nutritional therapy

Identify root causes

Understand why you’ve been feeling so unwell through blood testing and detailed health & lifestyle assessments.

mental health nutritional therapy

Boost brain health

Address the root causes & boost brain function through nutrition, movement, relaxation, sleep & remedies.

mental health nutritional therapy

Nurture mind & soul

Reconnect with joy & passion, address difficult thoughts & feelings, and become more confident and at ease.

What does the 1: 1 programme include?

Functional Blood

Right at the start of this programme, we will run a functional blood test to get a great insight into what might be causing your symptoms. We will investigate your thyroid function, nutrient status, levels of inflammation and much more. For further information on this blood test, click here.

Health & Lifestyle

Along with the test, you will fill out a comprehensive health questionnaire and food diary before we meet to help me understand what might be underlying your health struggles. You will feel a lot clearer after this, and we will use all this information for your recovery journey.


We will meet at the same time every two weeks via Zoom. Our first consultation will last 2h, the remaining 7 will be 1h long. Together we will make a plan, and I will help you implement it. We will continue to look at all aspects of your health, lifestyle and mindset. These regular sessions will help you stay on track.

Personalised recommendations

Based on the outcome of the test result, your symptoms as well as goals, I will make personalised recommendations on your diet, lifestyle as well as targeted supplements and remedies. We will tweak these as you are progressing throughout our time together.

Support in between calls via Email & Voxer

I will be there to support and encourage you in between our calls, too. Send me an email to tell me how you are feeling and getting on, or to ask any questions. We can also use the walkie-talkie app Voxer for quick voice messaging. I will be there on your side!

Workbooks, handouts & other resources

You will receive my workbook on growing self-worth and confidence, guided meditations, handouts, worksheets and links to other relevant videos, podcasts, books, articles and more. All so that you can feel happier and more at home within yourself.

Your body and brain want to heal and function well - work with them, not against them

Who this programme is for

... and when it's not a good fit

Meet Claudia Smith

I’m a nutritional therapist, functional medicine practitioner and positive psychology coach specialising in women’s mental health.

Having suffered from major depression along with numerous physical health struggles myself, I know what it’s like to drag yourself from day to day. To feel low, empty and desperate. To struggle with brain fog, lack of motivation and a lost sense of who you are. 

I was able to completely recover using a holistic and integrative approach: One that connects body and mind, and that addresses the root causes that were driving my depression but also (in my case) my poor skin, gut and joint health. 

My clients often describe me as kind, knowledgeable and understanding. I would be honoured to help you on your own journey towards better mental health!

Your mental health affects everything: how you feel, how you behave, what you do with your life. It affects your friends and family, your work, your future.

The cost of my 4 month programme

£1350 (incl. the blood test)

How to start

Book a free half hour Zoom call with me, or get in touch at

Pay for the programme via my online client platform

Fill in the health questionnaire and food diary, and we’ll order your blood test, too

We will then meet for our initial 2h consultation via Zoom. After that we’ll meet fortnightly for 4 months.

Do these feel familiar?

One of the biggest problems with suffering from depression is the lack of hope we feel. All those negative thoughts and feelings convince us that getting better isn’t possible. But from my own experience and from working with my clients I know that there is a lot of hope. To get better you are going to need to take action, and that’s what my work is about.

I can’t and won’t promise you certain outcomes – because how could I? How could anyone? And so I’m not here trying to sell you snake oil and simply get your money. 

But as a client once told me: “Of course I feel better. I’ve been doing lots of things that promote health!”

If you want to chat about any hesitancy and whether my work is right for you, simply get in touch.

I completely understand: It’s hard to ask for help when you are feeling horrible and really down. But remember that I’ve been on this journey myself and I consider myself a very compassionate being and there’s nothing we can’t talk about. No taboos, no feelings or experiences that are too embarassing, no shame. 

Only you will know whether now is the right time. A good way to find out is to ask yourself this: What would your future self (your healthy, happy self) want you to focus on right now?

Tricky one! If there really isn’t enough money in your bank account, then head to my group course or read my blog posts and listen to my podcast, or follow me on Instagram for lots of free advice. Make sure to download my free resources and read my fortnightly newsletter.

But if this is more a question of value and whether you think this work is worth it, then consider how much feeling unwell is costing you in your life. How much it’s affecting you, your work, career, life satisfaction, your family and relationships etc. 

And again, please know that I am here to chat this through with you and help you make the right decision (and sometimes that’s not working together!).

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can live anywhere in the world so as long as you a relatively good Internet connection. Sometimes working out how to run the blood test can be challenging, but that’s just a minor obstacle.

Simply to show up with an open mind and an open heart. To be honest and authentic, to ask questions and to share how you are. And you will get the best outcome if you feel ready to take action and you are committed to the process. 

But just to say again: this work is very much about me and you working together as a team.

I no longer offer single consultations because I’ve found them to be ineffective. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and equally making changes requires commitment and continuous support. We will tweak things as we go along, and as things start to change for you. 

None whatsoever! Curiosity and a willingness to try new things is all that’s needed.