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feeling really low

Ep.16: A love note to anyone feeling really low right now

This shorter episode is for anyone who’s feeling really low and really down right in this very moment. It’s a love letter from me to you – from one person with experience of mental health struggles to another. Woven in are lots of words of encouragement and support, too. Plus, my very favourite poem by the wonderful Mary Oliver. If

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Why we need to be creative to be well

Ep. 12: Why we need to be creative to be well with Donna Ford

Donna Ford shares her thoughts on tips on creativity as a tool for better mental health. She delves into her own story of suffering from depression and how creativity really helped you to overcome it. A great episode if you think that you’re “just not a creative person” or you’ve stopped exploring creativity but now miss it.

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Ben Aldridge Podcast

Ep. 9: Ben Aldridge – Overcoming anxiety and challenging yourself

A super valuable episode for anyone struggling with anxiety! I had the pleasure to interview UK writer Ben Aldridge, who writes about mental health, stoicism, buddhism, psychology and CBT. In this interview he shares his own journey around anxiety and how studying different life philosophies and setting himself challenges made an enormous difference to his mental health. Lots of practical

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Depression unmet needs

Ep. 4: Depression as a sign of unmet needs

As the journalist Johann Hari said: If you’re suffering from depression or anxiety, you’re not a machine with broken parts. You are a human with unmet needs. In this episode on The Better Mental Health Podcast, I dive into this idea from a lifestyle perspective.

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Physical root causes of depression

Ep. 3: Physical root causes of depression according to functional medicine

Depression is a complex and multi-factorial illness with many potential causes. In this episode, I dive into some of the main ideas of the potential physical root causes of this unfortunately now very common mental illness.

Listen to this episode if you want to learn more about functional medicine and how it differs from the more conventional approach to health and illness, and what might be going on within the body of someone suffering from depression.

If you are struggling with low mood then make sure not to miss this episode.

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Debunking the biggest myths about depression

Ep. 2: Debunking the 10 biggest myths about depression

In this episode I share what I believe to be the 10 biggest myths about depression. But this episode isn’t just for people who have never suffered from depression themselves, and who want to better understand what it can feel like. It is also for those who are currently struggling with their mental health and who might be thinking that they’re weak, that something is fundamentally wrong with them, or that they’ll always suffer from depression.

So let’s debunk those myths!

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My own story of overcoming depression

Ep. 1: What to expect from the podcast & my own story of overcoming depression

In this first ever episode on The Better Mental Health Podcast, I give you an overview of what this podcast is all about. You’ll hear what future topics will cover and a little bit about who I am and what I do.

And then I also share my own story of suffering from depression in my early twenties with you. More importantly, I share how I managed to overcome depression and gradually return to better mental health again.

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