Why a holistic approach to depression is key to truly getting better

Depression affects you and your life in so many ways. In a similar way, you need to consider anything and everything in your life that affects your wellbeing to truly get better.
holistic approach to depression

A natural and holistic approach is what got me out of depression. I still remember that moment so clearly when I spotted one of my husband’s books on healing with nutrition. It wasn’t just focused on mental health, but the main message was this:

You can use nutrition not just for your energy levels or your weight, but to actually improve your whole health in general. You can even use foods to heal chronic conditions. It was such a lightbulb moment for me at the time.

Up until then, the depression felt like something I had no control over. It just came upon me and terrorised me day and night. But when I started to learn about holistic and natural approaches to health, this incredible shift happened:

I felt that I could have control again- make choices and make a difference to how I was feeling.

So ever since reading that first of many books, my journey into holistic healthcare began.

I changed my diet, started exercising, and took greater care of myself. I learnt how to deal with my extremely negative thoughts, made new friendships, and changed jobs. I started my diploma course in nutritional therapy, went on meditation retreats and practised self-compassion and forgiveness.

I really did a ton of different things.

But you know what? In just a few months, I started to feel happier and healthier, and then this whole path of getting better became really enjoyable. It became my passion. A passion I’ve now turned into my mission:

To help other women who are suffering from depression to get better too.

my 7 step holistic approach to depression

In my work with my clients I now use my 7 step approach to really tackle mental health struggles from all sides possible.

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Functional testing
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holistic approach to depresion
holistic approach to depresion
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Meaning & Purpose
Meaning & Purpose

One of my first few clients has just finished her three month programme and something really beautiful happened during our final session together.

We were celebrating all her hard work, her efforts and her wins. This client is no longer feeling depressed which is just amazing. She’s been doing all these various things to improve her wellbeing: She changed her diet and really got back into exercising. She started meditating and doing yoga, really worked on how she deals with her thoughts, and is totally committed to her work goals. We also ran a few lab tests and addressed underlying physical causes of her symptoms.

And at the end, she pointed out how the one thing still missing is to connect more with others. Connection to other people (or to your environment or community) is such a crucial factor for our mental health.

To me, it felt like she was putting together all these puzzle pieces for good mental health herself. Really beautiful, and a truly holistic approach to depression. 

It was a combination of things that got you ill. Likewise, it will be a combination of things that will get you well again.

Claudia Smith

If you’re currently struggling with depression, then I hope this post has given you a little more optimism. Using a holistic action-based approach to mental health can be so very powerful. 

If you’d like to know more about my 7 steps and receive conrete action ideas to get better, then click on the image for my free kick-start programme.

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I’m Claudia Smith, a qualified nutritional therapist, functional medicine practitioner and coach specialising in depression. This is where I share my thoughts and advice on natural and holistic approaches to overcoming depression.

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