what my clients say

What my clients say

"Working with Claudia meant changing my life for the better"

I can’t find the words to express how glad I am to have stumbled upon Claudia’s work and to have had the courage to start this journey. 

When I look back at my progress since signing up to Claudia’s programme, I can clearly see how much working together has helped me become who I am now and shaped who I want to be in the future. 

Claudia’s approach is very genuine and practical, and above else I have always felt understood, supported and valued. 

The way the programme is structured is really helpful, and the online platform we used to book sessions, store session notes, tasks and goals was really straightforward and very useful. I loved being able to talk on two opposite sides of the world without having to meet in person. The email support in between sessions and the goal setting at each session were some of the best aspects of the programme for me. 

Claudia Smith Testimonials

Working with Claudia meant changing my life for the better. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for her amazing support and everything that is included in the service she offers. 

I really can’t recommend working with her enough!


"all women suffering from depression should know about this programme"

I had been suffering from depression for two years. Right before starting the programme with Claudia, I was feeling particularly bad again and life just felt very black. 

I really struggled to go to work and couldn’t feel any positive emotions anymore. All the things that used to give me pleasure no longer provided any sense of enjoyment for me. 

I tried antidepressants but they didn’t work for me. I searched the internet for solutions but couldn’t find much. I knew I needed somebody to support me in getting better. 

Having suffered from depression herself, Claudia is very understanding and patient. She’s really easy to talk to and her programme was a revelation to me- better than I thought. 

As we started working together, I began to gradually feel a little bit better after each session. My positive emotions started to return, the worst periods of depression during each day gradually decreased, and my enthusiasm for life came back a little each week.

The tests we did were really worthwhile. They found deficiencies accounting for my lack of energy that 3 or 4 visits to the doctor previously could never help with.

I particularly liked the weekly contact and weekly tasks we always agreed on. Being accountable to Claudia gave incentive to push myself when I was at my worst.

With an improved diet and supplements, I started to feel better very quickly and I started to love and thrive on exercise again.

I’ve finished the programme feeling amazing. My depression has been beaten, I am experiencing anxiety-free days and am learning to deal with anxiety better each day. I am more positive than I was before, I have far more energy and I have learnt valuable skills to cope with the stresses of life!

I would definitely recommend Claudia’s programme. Not only have I beaten depression but also become a more positive & energised person. For the result I’ve got it’s worth every penny.

All women suffering from depression should know about this programme.


If you are considering working together to really focus on your mental as well as physical health, just get in touch. We can communicate via email or set up a free half hour phone call. 

Let’s make sure that what I offer is a good fit for you and your needs. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Join us next week to build a better morning! Start your day with greater calm and intention.

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