12 questions to ask yourself if you’re feeling the winter blues

What might be contributing to low mood during the winter months, not in general but specifically for you? Here are some questions for you to find out.
the winter blues

No doubt that there are a lot of us feeling the winter blues. Perhaps it’s an annual reoccurrence for you, and if it is then I feel for you. It’s not easy. 

In this post I’m not going to give you the usual kind of advice: all those recommendations that you’ve likely read about elsewhere already. 

But rather, I thought I’d offer you some questions to ponder on instead. As I keep saying, I truly believe that you hold a lot of the answers to your own difficulties and challenges within you already. 

So here we go, and by the way the questions are in no particular order.


12 questions to ask yourself if you're feeling the winter blues

  • Am I moving my body enough every day?
  • Is money stressing me out at this time of year?
  • Am I eating too many starchy and sweet foods?
  • Am I connecting enough with other people?
  • Does my alcohol intake increase during the winter?
  • Am I trying to do too much in the run up to Christmas or before the year finishes?
  • Or are my winter jobs and activities lacking in purpose and meaning?
  • Am I going to bed too late or staying in bed for too long when I wake up?
  • Are there any physical symptoms that only tend to show up when it's winter?
  • Am I spending enough time outside and in nature?
  • Do I have unrealistic expectations of myself and my life that leave me feeling disappointed at this time of year?
  • Looking back at my previous few winters, were there any without the winter blues? If so, what was I doing differently?

Which of these questions gave you clear answers? And if the winter blues tend to come back year after year, can you perhaps see a pattern based on your answers? If you’re already journaling, why not write those thoughts and answers down – it might be a helpful exercise for you to do.

And if you’d like to delve deeper into all of these questions and the accompanying strategies and tools to support yourself, then do remember that I offer a free thirty minute phone call. We’ll talk about what’s going on for you, and whether working together can help you get from where you are right now to where you’d like to be and to you how’d like to feel in the future. To set that up, just pick a time that suits you here. 


the winter blues
the winter blues

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