The VIA Character Strengths survey- Reconnect with who you truly are

Your character strengths reflect the "real" core you. Knowing what they are can help you overcome difficulties, achieve your goals and enhance your overall wellbeing. And there's a free test to find out what yours are!
Character Strengths Survey VIA

If you haven’t heard of the VIA Character Strengths survey yet, then you’re in for a treat. It’s a tool that I use with my all clients in my 12 week programmes, and it’s really good for identifying and understanding your core characteristics. It focuses on your best qualities and can really help to reconnect you with who you are at your core – the real you. The one that can get lost when you’re suffering from depression…

how does it work?

The VIA Character Strengths survey is an online self assessment that you complete in your own time. It shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes, and best of all – it’s free! You can pay for enhanced reports at the end, but there’s no need for that. You get your free result without paying anything.

Does it matter whether I know my character strengths?

You can totally go through life without knowing them. And you might intuitively have an inkling anyway, particularly if self-reflection is your thing in general. We’re talking about strengths such as forgiveness, curiosity, honesty, humility, or appreciation of beauty and excellence. The scientists that have come up with the survey have identified 24 of them. And yes, they can change depending on your circumstances and what you’re working on right now. 

But as your character strengths (or you can call them your signature or personality strengths) are part of who you are, they can help to move you forward, to guide your goals, and to connect you with your passions and your needs. They can remind you of what you’re good at and what it is that gives your life meaning and purpose. 


what to do after the survey

Once you’ve done the test and have identified your character strengths, don’t stop there. The beauty of it will reveal itself in the application of your strengths in your daily life. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t.

It’s about asking yourself: How can I use this strength to deal with XYZ? Given my top strengths, what would be wise to do? How does it connect with what I most deeply want? How can my strengths help me lift my mood right now? 

To get some ideas, make sure you head over to “Character Strengths” in the menu bar of the VIA site or click here. Then just simply click on your particular strengths and find out more info and advice on it. 

The VIA Character Strengths survey has been shown to improve happiness and decrease depression, particularly when you apply your top strengths in your daily life. A great, easy, and free tool!

My top 2 strengths? 

Perspective – which means being able to provide wise counsel to others, having ways of looking at the world that make sense to oneself/others.

Hope – which means expecting the best in the future and working to achieve it; believing that a good future is something that can be brought about. 


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