Online weekly sessions with a holistic approach to depression

Online weekly sessions with a holistic approach to depression

Weekly online sessions

We will meet once a week via Zoom video chat, at the same time and on the same day each week for consistency and support. 

Sessions last one hour & cost £60, paid for in blocks of four.

To find out more about my holistic approach to depression, read the info below.

Depression is multi-factorial and we need to integrate body, mind and soul to get better.

Depression is multi-factorial and to get better we need to integrate
body, mind and soul.

My holistic approach to depression

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Finding root causes of your symptoms from a mind/body perspective

Through a close look at your life and health history we will try and uncover the underlying driving factors of your depression. We will ask WHY you got depressed with a body-mind perspective and connect all of your symptoms and health struggles. For example, do you perhaps also struggle with skin, gut or hormonal issues? Optional: private laboratory testing such as stool, blood or urine tests for additional insights (not included in the weekly fee).

holistic approach to depression

Using nutrition and lifestyle medicine to support healthy brain functioning

How we eat, move, sleep and manage stress has incredible influences on our physical and mental health. We will use those lifestyle pillars to ensure your body and brain can be as healthy as possible, but always at your pace and based on your particular symptoms and preferences. There is no one-size-fits-all approach! Evidence-based nutritional supplements and herbs will provide further support for your mood.

holistic approach to depression

Developing self-love and skills to better deal with thoughts & feelings

Throughout our sessions, we will focus on growing your self-worth and confidence, addressing challenging thoughts and emotions, and reconnecting with meaning and purpose in your life. You will learn mindfulness and self-compassion skills, and gradually “come home to yourself”. This forms the critical soul element of my approach.

What does working together look like?

holistic approach to depression

We will meet at the same time and on the same day each week for an hour via Zoom. These regular coaching sessions will provide the room for growth and change-making.

holistic approach to depression

Through a detailed health and lifestyle questionnaire as well as a food diary I will really delve into your symptoms and possible underlying factors of your struggles. 

holistic approach to depression

I will make personalised recommendations on your diet, lifestyle as well as targeted supplements and remedies. We will tweak these as you are progressing throughout our time together.

holistic approach to depression

You will receive past webinar recordings of mine, my workbook on self-worth and confidence as well as links to further resources including books, articles, videos or podcast episodes.

holistic approach to depression

I will sign you up as a client on my practice management website where you can fill in my questionnaires, tick off weekly goals, access further resources as well as attend our Zoom calls and pay the weekly fee.

holistic approach to depression

Depending on your budget, we can do further investigations of contributing factors to your symptoms through blood, urine or stool testing. Particularly useful if other physical health challenges are present.

Schedule a brief Zoom chat with me before you commit to weekly sessions

Let's find out if my approach might help you too

Who my work is best suited to

... and when it's not a good fit

Your body and brain want to heal and function well - work with them, not against them


This is a hard one to answer as it really depends on your progress. 

An important aspect of our work together is to stick to the changes that we have agreed on, as best as you can. Unsurprisingly, experience has shown me that my happiest clients are the ones that have been able to make lifestyle changes and embrace deep self-growth and development with an open mind and heart.

I would say to expect around 8 sessions at least, but really you can have as many as we both feel is right. 

If you or I ever feel that our work together isn’t bringing the desired outcomes, we can always talk about that openly, and see whether a different form of therapy might be better suited. 

The cost for each session is £60, paid for in blocks of four in advance. Ideally I ask that you let me know at least a week in advance if you would like to stop working together. This is because I only offer a limited amount of client spaces each month.

The cost for any supplements or herbs or for functional testing is not included in the price. 

No, you can live anywhere in the world so as long as you a relatively good Internet connection. 

Sometimes working out how to run private laboratory tests (if you are interested in those) can be challenging if you are not in the UK, but there are always solutions to those problems.

Simply to show up with an open mind and an open heart. To be honest and authentic, to ask questions and to share how you are. And you will get the best outcome if you feel ready to take action and you are committed to the process. 

But just to say again: this work is very much about me and you working together as a team.

As a trained nutritional therapist I can order and interpret private laboratory testing. Please note though that the cost for these is not covered by the weekly fee, and typically ranges from £100-350 depending on the test. 

Which kind of test we might use depends on your physical and mental health symptoms. Typically, I don’t run tests at the start as your health history, symptoms and current lifestyle provide enough information to go on. If you don’t notice significant improvements to your health, then that can be a good time to think about investing in private testing. 

Tests include stool testing, hormone testing, blood markers, nutritional deficiencies or urinary organic acids testing. These are predominantly done from home via test kits you would ship back to the laboratory. 

None whatsoever! Curiosity and a willingness to try new things is all that’s needed.

I firmly believe that medication can be life-saving and in some cases can help people take the edge of their suffering (thus allowing them to take positive action). I am not against medication but do believe the best possible outcome would be to live without them eventually. But it’s really up to whatever you feel is right for you!

I hold a diploma in Nutritional Therapy and am currently upgrading this with the MSc degree from Worcester University, UK. My Msc dissertation is on integrative approaches to the management of depression.

I have also completed a year-long qualification in Positive Psychology Coaching with the US-based Wholebeing Institute. In addition, I have also trained in Applied Functional Medicine with the UK-based AFMMP programme. Plus, I have recently completed a Level 3 training in Counselling.

And then there’s many, many conferences and webinars that I continue to attend, such as a 2-day Nutritional Psychiatry conference in London and more. In short, I love learning!

Academic and professional study aside, my clients most love and appreciate my own first hand experience of depression. Since my own recovery I have for example  gone on silent meditation retreats and completed the popular Mindfulness Self-Compassion course. My bookshelf represents my passions and is filled with books on holistic health, psychology, counselling, and natural living. Indeed, I feel privileged to have turned my passion into my career.

Do these feel familiar?

One of the biggest problems with suffering from depression is the lack of hope we feel. All those negative thoughts and feelings convince us that getting better isn’t possible. But from my own experience and from working with my clients I know that there is a lot of hope. To get better you are going to need to take action, and that’s what my work is about.

I can’t and won’t promise you certain outcomes – because how could I? How could anyone? But what I can and do promise you is this:

I will be on your side, working hard to figure out WHY you’ve been feeling so low and unwell, and then HOW to get you better. I will be on your side, I won’t give up, and we will figure this all out together. 

If you want to chat about any hesitancy and whether my work is right for you, simply get in touch:

I completely understand: It’s hard to ask for help when you are feeling horrible and really down. But remember that I’ve been on this journey myself and I consider myself a very compassionate being and there’s nothing we can’t talk about. No taboos, no feelings or experiences that are too embarassing, no shame. 

Only you will know whether now is the right time. A good way to find out is to ask yourself this: What would your future self (your healthy, happy self) want you to focus on right now?

Is there ever a right time? What are you waiting for?

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