Ep. 1: What to expect from the podcast & my own story of overcoming depression

My own story of overcoming depression

I am super excited to share the first episode on The Better Mental Health Podcast with you! In this episode, I cover two things:

  • I provide you with an overview of what this podcast is all about, and the kind of future topics we will be covering. 
  • I also tell you a little more about myself: who am I and what I do. And I share my own story of overcoming major depression in my early twenties in the hope that it is useful for anyone out there who is currently struggling with their mental health. 
Simply listen through the web player below, or use your own podcast app on your phone. I hope you’ll enjoy the show!

If you want to leave me a positive review here, then I’ll do a happy dance. Creating these episodes takes a lot of time and your help would be very much appreciated.

Welcome to my podcast

I’m Claudia Smith and I help women get to better mental health naturally. Having overcome depression once myself, I am now a qualified nutritionist and positive psychology coach.

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